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A Guide to Escort Etiquette


Never had the pleasure of th companionship of an escort before but seriously considering making that first call? This page is for you.

We have many lovely escorts available for your most enjoyable and intimate adult companionship. To develop and maintain a quality relationship with our escorts, you must become familiar with and practice good escort etiquette. We have rules and if you wish to have good experiences, you must become familiar with them right from the start.


There is most definitely a right way and a wrong way to contact us. You can be guaranteed not to receive a response if you are rude, crude, ask personal questions, ask sexually explicit questions, ask questions about sex and money, or in any way speak in a condescending manner or are disrespectful to our mermaid escorts.


Initial Contact

Complete our request form by providing all the requested information. We will get back to you quickly with a confirmation.


Out - Call Appointments

If you book an out-call appointment, be sure that the premises are convenient and well lit. Kindly be available at the prearranged time.


In - call Appointments

When provided with our in-call locations, please treat this information with the utmost privacy. Do not share it with anyone or allow it to fall in to anyone else's possession.



If you enjoyed the experience, we appreciate you leaving a review of our escorts.



We provide an all-inclusive service, however, tips are greatly appreciated.